Wednesday 6 January 2016

Daniel Kirmatzis

Daniel Kirmatzis is one of the historians who was going to blog for me or help me blog and do a bit of work in the archives when he really got involved in doing the war book for the Emanuel boys who went to war in both the Great Wars and he had his nose down hard on this project for a couple of years. It came out---a splendid six hundred page book in which Maurice featured quite highly---during the war commemoration at Emanuel, one of the biggest in the country. Daniel and the archivist at Emanuel did giant boards for various 'boys' and Maurice had a large board with pictures of him and excerpts from 'Of Sins and Winter', his cri du coeur against war that he wrote in the early fifties and which was published in 1955 by Chatto and Windus. Some of the profs going around reading the boards said Maurice's war writings were some of the most poignant they had ever read....

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